So…as asked above, why mercy? What is so mercy about this girl writing over here? To be honest, there is nothing so mercy about this girl. She just an ordinary girl who sometimes (or can be said as always)  can be mean to someone who annoyed her.

But why still choose ‘mercy’? Because that’s the meaning of this girl name. Yup! Syafiqah in islam means mercy. 

syafiqah = mercy/belas kasihan/kasih sayang

nur = cahaya

nur syafiqah = cahaya belas kasihan / cahaya kasih sayang / the light of mercy

Does this girl had been just like the meaning of her name?

HaHa! not really. Try to ask her friends. All you will get is just a laugh. 

But! that’s not what it is about. The meaning of a name doesn’t always represent how that one person should be. A name is just a name. For this girl, it is like a first present for her from her parents. A present that she will bring forever until the end of her life. The present that her parents give with hope that their little daughter will grow up with the meaning of her name. I’m sure that is what every parents hope when they decided to name their child.

Believe me or not, when we call someone with a nice name, they will turn out to be just like how we call them. Like what my ustazah used to said 

what you said is just like a prayer. Say it often then it will come true. Call someone with a good name, he will become good and call them with a bad name then they will become just like how you call them.

But like I said, a name doesn’t always represent how someone is. But from a name we can always pray for someone’s good. 

So lets hope that every good meaning in our name would bring something good to us.

like how I hope I will have a little mercy in myself for others




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