Result Peperiksaan Pertengahan Semester (PPS) for Diploma Pelatih Pembantu Perubatan dah keluar guys!! And Alhamdulillah syukur! This girl with a little mercy has passed the exam! kiyaaaaaa!!!

“Ahla…midterm saja ponnn…apa nak heran sangat” said some people.

But that ‘some people’ don’t even understand the struggle to pass this midterm. And they don’t even know what the consequences are when we fail this midterm which could be :

  1. No SOP for the entire month until the final exam.
  2. Extend class from 5pm-6pm
  3. Night class every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30pm-9.30pm.

“Apa yang susah sangat dengan Diploma Pelatih Pembantu Perubatan ni?”

Well for some people with higher IQ level there must be no problem to excel in this program. But for some average people like this girl there’s a lot of hard works are required.

There are some subjects which are very easy to score and there are also some subject that could be killer subject. But what can I say, every subject even the easiest one are important for your future career.

One more thing about this program that make it a little difficult to pass. The way they count your marks to pass the exam. It is very strict you now. But I’m not gonna write bout it tonight. Let me write about my program in much more detail the next time I write 🙂



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