well…it is such a long time since my last post about my SEM 2 PPS result and now i’m finished my SEM 3 which mean I had pass another PPS and my final exam too (hahaks)

Sorry guys. Seems like life got busy and I totally forget bout this site. (tak payah nak sorry sangatlah bukan ada orang baca pon kan XD)

Tapi rasanya macam dah nak dapat semangat menulis tu balik. Sebab apa? This is the final sem we gonna be at collage. Next sem we will totally do our clinical outside the collage. Yieha! Finally keluar juga dari penjara :p

So no more 8 to 5 class and no more theory. So…seem like I will have extra time to do this.

By the way, back to the main topic up there. Yup! It is almost at the end of 2016 and  you know the year has passing pretty fast isn’t it? But I merely remember what has happen through the year though.

A lot of things happen, so many new face coming by, some has gone for good, unexpected events which lead to a new journeys, more lessons to be wise and of course a little new feeling for someone who is not so new anymore because I knew him for almost 8 years now. 

But what does matter the most…I…myself, you, them, we got older and mature for every minutes that passing by. I don’t know about other, but for myself, in this almost 1 year I have learned a lot and some had changed me that I can’t be the way I was before.

What can I say about 2016 is that…it such a challenging year but Alhamdulillah here I am almost at the end of the year and yup! I’m survived.

Not so sure about how will 2017 be. But lets just hope for the best. A year doesn’t seem like a long duration anymore I thought.


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